December 3, 2023
CAA Model Schools & College Teaching Jobs 2023 via NTS
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CAA Model Schools & College Teaching Jobs 2023 via NTS

CAA Model Schools & College Teaching Jobs 2023 via NTS

It appears that the CAA Model School
and College System in Pakistan, which is under the Pakistan Civil Aviation
Authority, has announced new employment opportunities for Pakistani nationals.
These opportunities are available at CAA Schools & Colleges at Karachi
Airport and CAA Public High School Walton Lahore.

According to the announcement, the
positions are open to competent and well-qualified educationists in Pakistan.
The appointment process for these positions will be conducted through the
National Testing Services of Pakistan (NTS), which is a reputable testing
service in the country.

If you are a Pakistani national who
is interested in applying for one of these positions, you may wish to visit the
NTS website to find the online application form and further details about the
selection process. It is important to carefully review the eligibility criteria
and required qualifications before submitting an application to ensure that you
meet the requirements for the position you are interested in.

Model Schools & Colleges Jobs Latest


Location:        Karachi, Lahore, Pakistan

Education:     Bachelor, Master, MS

      April 03, 2023

Vacancies:     Multiple

Company:      CAA Model Schools & Colleges

Address:         CAA Schools and College, Lahore




  • Assistant
    Progress Officers
  • Junior
  • Lecturers
  • Lower
    Secondary Teachers
  • Pre-Primary
  • Primary
  • Progress
  • Secondary


It appears that there are career
opportunities available for educators in various positions, including
Lecturers, Secondary Teachers, Lower Secondary Teachers, Primary Teachers,
Junior Teachers, Pre-Primary Teachers, Progress Officers, and Assistant
Progress Officers.


The announcement mentions that
desired educators with Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees, and MS
Qualifications are eligible to apply for these employment opportunities.
However, it is important to note that teaching experience is also required as
described in the career notice for each post. Therefore, interested candidates
should carefully review the requirements for each position before applying.


It is also recommended that
candidates prepare their resumes, cover letters, and supporting documents
carefully to increase their chances of being considered for the position they
are interested in. Additionally, it may be useful to research the organization
or institution offering these career opportunities to better understand its values, culture, and mission.

to Apply Online?

It appears that interested candidates
can apply for the career opportunities mentioned earlier through the National
Testing Services of Pakistan (NTS). According to the announcement, the NTS will
receive online applications for these positions at its official portal, which

It is important to note that the
deadline for submitting online applications is 3rd April 2023. Therefore,
interested candidates should make sure to complete and submit their
applications before the deadline.

For further details about the
application process, eligibility criteria, and selection process, candidates
can visit the NTS Job Portal at
It is recommended that candidates carefully review all the information provided
on the portal before submitting their applications to ensure that they meet the
eligibility requirements and provide all the necessary documentation.


CAA Model School &College
Jobs 2023 

CAA Model Schools & College Teaching Jobs 2023
CAA Model Schools & College Teaching Jobs 2023
CAA Model Schools & College Teaching Jobs 2023
CAA Model Schools & College Teaching Jobs 2023


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