December 5, 2023
Fully Funded Scholarships for 2023 at Leiden University, Netherlands
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Fully Funded Scholarships for 2023 at Leiden University, Netherlands

Fully Funded Scholarships for 2023 at Leiden University, Netherlands

Looking for a fantastic opportunity
to study in the Netherlands or for free? Look no further than the Leiden
University Scholarships 2023
! These scholarships allow Bachelor’s and Master’s
degree students from all around the world to pursue their academic goals in a
variety of fields, without restrictions on nationality.

Funded by the Minerva Scholarship
Funds Foundation,
the Leiden University Scholarships offer fully funded options
for Master’s degree students and partially funded options for Bachelor’s degree
students. These scholarships cover most of the expenses associated with
studying at the university, so talented students can focus on their education
without worrying about financial barriers.

Leiden University is a renowned
public research university that operates the Minerva Scholarship Funds
Foundation in conjunction with the Dutch Ministry. The scholarships aim to
support exceptional students in achieving their academic and career

Applications for the degree programs
are open twice a year, and interested candidates should apply promptly to take
advantage of this exciting opportunity. For more information on the Leiden
University Scholarships 2023,
read below.


Fully Funded Scholarships for 2023 at Leiden University, Netherlands

Guide to Leiden University Scholarships 2023


Leiden University Scholarships 2023:
This post provides essential details on the scholarships offered by Leiden
University in the Netherlands.

Host Institution: Leiden University:
The scholarships are hosted by Leiden University, a prestigious public research
university in the Netherlands.

Host Organization: Minerva Scholarship
Funds Foundation: The Minerva Scholarship Funds Foundation, operated by the
Dutch Ministry, is the host organization responsible for providing funding for
the Leiden University Scholarships.

Degree Levels: The scholarships are
available for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at Leiden

Application Deadlines: Interested
candidates can apply for the Leiden University Scholarships 2023 until April
15th and November 15th, 2023, depending on the program they are applying to.

of Leiden University Scholarships:

Benefits of Leiden University
Scholarships: The scholarships, which are funded by the Minerva Scholarship
Funds Foundation, offer various advantages to successful applicants.

Scholarship Amount: Recipients of the
scholarship may receive a funding amount ranging from €900 to €2000.

Research Cost Subsidy: In addition to
the scholarship amount, eligible students may also receive a subsidy to cover
their research costs.

Travel Cost Coverage: Students may
also receive cost coverage for their travel expenses.

Living Cost Subsidy: The scholarship
also provides a living cost subsidy to help cover the expenses of daily life.

Accommodation Facilities: Successful
applicants may also receive accommodation facilities to make their stay in the
Netherlands more comfortable.

Study at a Prestigious Institute:
Lastly, recipients of the scholarship will have the opportunity to study at one
of the oldest and most prestigious institutes in the Netherlands.


of Study available for Leiden University Scholarships 2023 are as follows:

  • Law: This program involves the study
    of legal principles and their application to various situations. Students in this
    field learn about legal systems, contracts, criminal law, international law,
    and more.
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences: This
    field of study includes various disciplines that focus on human behavior,
    society, and culture. These may include psychology, sociology, anthropology,
    and communication studies, among others.
  • Archaeology: This program is
    concerned with the study of human history and culture through the examination
    of artifacts, structures, and other material remains.
  • Medicine/LUMC: This program is
    offered in partnership with the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and
    provides education and training in various medical disciplines such as anatomy,
    physiology, pharmacology, and pathology
  • Governance and Global Affairs: This
    field of study is concerned with the study of political systems, international
    relations, and global governance.
  • Humanities: This field includes a
    wide range of subjects that focus on human culture, history, and expression.
    This may include literature, philosophy, art history, and linguistics, among
  • Science: This program involves the
    study of natural phenomena, such as physics, chemistry, biology, and
  • Educational Development and
    Continuing Education:
    This program is focused on the development and delivery
    of educational programs, training, and workshops to enhance skills and
    knowledge for professionals and students.
  • Interfacultair Centrum voor Lerarenopleiding
    (Interfaculty Center for Teacher Training):
    This program is focused on teacher
    training and education, covering topics such as pedagogy, classroom management,
    and curriculum development.


  • To be eligible for Leiden University
    international applicants must apply for admission to Leiden
    University in the Netherlands.
  • Applicants must not be members of LSV
  • All students must submit a project
    report with images within three months of completing the program.


to Apply for Leiden University Scholarships?

To apply for Leiden University
you must first enroll in one of the degree programs offered by
Leiden University. Once you have secured admission, follow these steps:


  • Download the scholarship application
    form from the official website:

  • Carefully fill out the application
  • Gather all the required documents.
  • Submit the completed form and
    supporting materials to the address indicated on the application form.

Please visit the official
website for further information: Leiden University 2023

To conclude, Leiden University offers a great opportunity to study at one
of the top institutes in the Netherlands through its scholarships. If you are
interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any field, make sure
to apply for the scholarship and gain valuable benefits. For additional
information, please refer to the above article.

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