February 26, 2024
TikTok announces 10,000 scholarships for Pakistani students

TikTok announces 10,000 scholarships for Pakistani students

TikTok announces 10,000 scholarships for Pakistani students

TikTok, in partnership with ed-tech company Edkasa and the Sindh Education Foundation (SEF), is embarking on an ambitious endeavor to expand the #ExamReady scholarship scheme across the province of Sindh in Pakistan. This collaborative effort aims to benefit more than 10,000 deserving students by digitizing the learning process and enhancing educational outcomes.

Scheduled for an early 2022 launch, TikTok, Edkasa, and Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) will introduce #ExamReady, an innovative STEM-focused digital learning program designed specifically for high school students. This pioneering initiative seeks to revolutionize education by leveraging technology to provide students with an engaging and interactive learning experience.

The journey began earlier this year when the #ExamReady scholarship scheme was initiated, granting online study grants to 18,000 outstanding students from all corners of Pakistan. Building on this success, the partnership between TikTok, Edkasa, and SEF aims to extend the reach of the scheme and promote access to quality education in underprivileged areas of Sindh. Scholarships will be made available to post-primary students in grades IX to XII, ensuring that deserving individuals have equal opportunities to pursue their educational aspirations.

As part of the comprehensive #ExamReady program, a rich collection of over 500 educational videos spanning subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics has been curated and made accessible online. These videos not only cover essential curriculum content but also provide valuable study techniques and exam shortcuts, catering to the diverse needs of millions of Pakistani students.

The impact of these instructive videos on TikTok has been remarkable, garnering over 558 million views and inspiring around 114,000 video creations since their inception. This overwhelming response underscores the effectiveness of utilizing digital platforms to engage and educate students, offering them a dynamic and relatable learning experience.

Zara Basharat Higgs, Manager of Public Policy Programs and Partnerships for South Asia and Pakistan, passionately believes that education is a fundamental right and technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing access and outcomes for students. This collaborative effort exemplifies a shared commitment to providing quality education to all students, harnessing the power of digital platforms to reach a broader audience and bridge educational gaps.

The #ExamReady program continues to provide access to the extensive library of educational videos, covering a wide range of subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Its overarching objective is to support millions of Pakistani students on their academic journey, equipping them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and confidence for success.

By forging this unique partnership between TikTok, Edkasa, and SEF, the #ExamReady initiative represents a significant stride towards promoting inclusive and accessible education in Sindh. Through embracing technology and capitalizing on the popularity of digital platforms, this collaborative endeavor aspires to empower students and unlock greater educational opportunities for all.