February 26, 2024
Canada Work Visa for Drivers – Earn up to $6700 per Month and Immigrate
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Canada Work Visa for Drivers – Earn up to $6700 per Month and Immigrate

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Canada Work Visa for Drivers - Earn up to $6700 per Month and Immigrate

If you’re considering a career as a taxi driver in Canada, you have the potential to earn up to CAD$6,700 per month by driving for 8 hours a day throughout the month. However, it’s essential to possess a valid Canadian LTV driving license and demonstrate proficiency in English or French. In this comprehensive article, we will address all your concerns regarding earning money in Canada through taxi driving, the specific taxi driving license requirements, and the legal process of becoming a taxi driver in Canada.

Exploring Taxi Driver Salaries in Canada

Let’s start by discussing the motivating factor—earning potential. Recent reports indicate that taxi drivers in Canada are indeed making a substantial income. On average, full-time taxi drivers can earn between CAD$3,000 and CAD$6,700 per month. Here’s a detailed chart showcasing the salaries of taxi drivers in various regions of Canada for 2023, based on an 8-hour workday:

Taxi Driver Salaries in Canada 2023:

  1. Quebee
  2. Newfoundland and labrador
  3. Alberta 
  4. Nunavut
  5. Nova Scotia
  6. British Columbia
  7. Ontario
  8. Manitoba
  9. Canada (Overall)

Hourly Salary

  1.  $15.25
  2.  $14.98
  3.  $21.37
  4.  $28.1
  5.  $14.5
  6.  $19.23
  7.  $16.67
  8.  $14.15 
  9.  $15.91

8 hours/Day Salary

  1.  $122
  2.  $119.84
  3.  $170.96
  4.  $225.12
  5.  $116
  6.  $153.84
  7.  $133
  8.  $113.20
  9. $127.28

1 Month Salary (8 hours/day)

  1.   $3,660
  2.    $3,595
  3.   $5,100
  4.   $6,750
  5.   $3,480
  6.   $4,615
  7.   $3,990
  8.   $3,396
  9.   $3,818

Immigrating to Canada as a Taxi Driver

The simple answer is “Yes.” You can immigrate to Canada as a taxi driver, chauffeur, or limousine driver in 2023. The Canadian immigration authority, CIC Canada, holds the deciding authority. If these occupations fall under the skill shortage category in any of the Canadian provinces, you will have a smooth pathway to immigrate and commence work as a driver. Additionally, certain Canadian taxi operating companies and hotels with chauffeur/limousine driver requirements may also post job openings for skilled foreign staff under the permission of CIC Canada (Ref CICNEWS).

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Taxi Driver/Chauffeur in 2023?

The process is remarkably straightforward. Begin by accessing the Canadian immigration/employment portal to search for driver/taxi driver, limousine driver, or chauffeur jobs by using their corresponding NOC code. This will provide you with a list of available jobs in Canada for these occupations. You can then submit your credentials to secure employment and initiate your immigration process in 2023. In the meantime, you can review the following list of 17 driver occupations that are in high demand in Canada for 2023:

1. Taxicab driver

2. Funeral chauffeur

3. Limousine driver

4. Private household chauffeur

5. Long vehicle driver

6. Ambulance driver

7. Airport limousine driver

8. Hearse driver

9. Route driver

10. Taxi owner-operator

11. Private chauffeur

12. Funeral driver

13. Company chauffeur

14. Taxi driver

15. Bus driver

16. Small van driver

17. Truck driver

Qualifications Required for Driving Jobs in Canada

To apply for a driving job in Canada for immigration purposes, you’ll first need to take the IELTS exam and score a minimum of 4 CLB to meet the eligibility criteria. Alternatively, you can opt for the French language proficiency exam CELPIP as an alternative to IELTS.

Once you clear the language proficiency requirement, you’ll be required to undergo an online educational credential assessment (ECA), free of charge. Additionally, ensure that you have completed at least 3 months of vocational driving training, possess a proven work record as a driver, have a clean medical and criminal record, and hold a valid international driving license. These qualifications will enable you to apply for driving jobs in Canada in 2023, along with obtaining a work visa.

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