February 26, 2024
Portugal Seasonal Work Visa 2023 (Apply Online)
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Portugal Seasonal Work Visa 2023 (Apply Online)

Portugal Seasonal Work Visa 2023 (Apply Online)

The Portugal Seasonal Worker Visa grants exterior candidates to come for Momentary Remain for 90 days or more than 90 days to carry out seasonal Work in Portugal. Farther candidates can apply online for the Portugal Normal Work Visa 2023. To apply you would like to meet the eligibility criteria, prerequisites, and documentation. You will be able appreciate yourself in the midst of your stay. There’s a divide to do on seasonal visas in Portugal.


Applicants can apply for a Brief remain visa for seasonal work or a seasonal work visa for Portugal. All foreign applicants have to be apply through the Portugal Worldwide secure safe house in their household country. So, within the occasion that you’re interested to work in Portugal this post is for you. Get to know nearly the Visa taken a toll, capability criteria dn required records to apply for the Portugal Seasonal Work Visa 2023.

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Details About Portugal Seasonal Work Visa 2023


Job Country: Portugal

Program Title: Portugal Seasonal Worker Visa

How long you’ll stay in Portugal on a Seasonal Work Visa?


You can stay for a greatest period of 9 Months on a seasonal work Visa in Portugal or it can be extended to 12 months.


Types of Activities You will be able do on a Seasonal Work Visa?


Foreign specialists must have a Substantial Work offer from the Portugal chief in one of these sectors:


Do you like Cultivating? Angling? something else you’re into the Food industry?


  • Agriculture, creatures, chasing, officer benefit, and fishing.
  • Farming, Natural product Picking, Packing.
  • Hospitality, eateries, and similar.
  • The food industry, alcohol,
  • and tobacco industries.
  • Gross and Retail commerce.
  • Construction.
  • Land transport.

The Portugal Government additionally allows exterior specialists to come to Portugal without a Work offer. For only, have to be apply for the Portugal Work Searcher Visa 2023.


Who can Apply for the Portuguese Seasonal Worker Visa?

  • The Portugal Seasonal Worker Visa is open to applicants from non-EU citizens.
  • If you’re living in Europe, but are not an EU Citizen at that point you will be able as well apply.

How to Find Seasonal Jobs in Portugal?


To find apply for seasonal Jobs in Portugal, here are the steps:


  • Start by looking online for seasonal Jobs in Portugal
  • Visit the Portuguese Jobs location where they list Jobs.
  • Start by Going to a few predominant Lodging websites in Portugal.


List of Websites to Apply for Seasonal Laborer Jobs in Portugal


If you’re searching for seasonal laborer jobs in Portugal, here is a list of reputable online websites where you can find a variety of job opportunities:


  • 1. Indeed (www.indeed.pt)
  • 2. Sapo Emprego (emprego.sapo.pt)
  • 3. Turijobs (www.turijobs.pt)
  • 4. EURES Work Mobility Portal: ec.europa.eu/eures (Click on “Find a Job” and select Portugal)
  • 5. Season Workers: www.seasonworkers.com
  • 6. Backpacker Job Board: www.backpackerjobboard.com.au
  • 7. Europe Language Jobs: www.europelanguagejobs.com
  • 8. Resort Jobs: www.resortjobs.com
  • 9. Anywork Anywhere: www.anyworkanywhere.com
  • 10. Workaway: www.workaway.info


These websites provide comprehensive listings of various job types available in Portugal.


Monthly Wage in Portugal


The minimum wage in most of Portugal is €822.50 per month.


Visa Cost for Portugal Seasonal Worker Visa in 2023


The visa cost is generally 80 Euros. However, the cost may vary depending on the country and any assistance agreements between the European Union and specific countries. For example, the cost for countries such as 

  • Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia (suspended decision), Serbia, and Ukraine is 35€.

 It’s important to check for any changes or specific requirements based on your country of origin.




To be eligible for a seasonal worker visa in Portugal, you must:


  • 1. Have a valid job offer and provide a contract or employment agreement.
  • 2. Possess a valid seasonal work visa or a short-stay visa.


Required Documents for Stays Shorter or up to 90 Days


If your stay in Portugal is shorter or up to 90 days, you will need to provide the following documents:


  • 1. Formal visa application
  • 2. Passport or another valid travel document
  • 3. Passport photograph
  • 4. Return ticket
  • 5. Valid travel insurance
  • 6. Work contract or valid job offer specifying employer details, job title, type of work, duration of stay, salary, and paid vacation.
  • 7. Accommodation arrangements, which may be provided by the employer in compliance with legal requirements.


Required Documents for Stays Longer than 90 Days


If your stay in Portugal exceeds 90 days, you will need the following documents:


  • 1. Official application form
  • 2. Visa or other travel document
  • 3. Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • 4. Valid travel insurance
  • 5. Certificate authorizing access to Portuguese criminal records issued by the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF)
  • 6. Additional details on the required documents can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal’s official website: https://vistos.mne.gov.pt/en/short-stay-visas-schengen/required-documentation/seasonal-work-visa


Where to Apply for the Portugal Seasonal Worker Visa 2023


There are two methods for applying for the Portugal seasonal worker visa:


Method 1:


The application process for the Portugal seasonal worker visa is the same for all applicants. You need to apply through the Portugal Consulate or Embassy in your home country. Contact or visit the consulate/embassy to inquire about the visa process for seasonal visas. They will provide you with the necessary information and application forms specific to your country.


Method 2:


In many countries, the visa application process is handled by VFS Global. Visit their website at https://www.vfsglobal.com/en/individuals/index.html and select your country of application. Then choose Portugal as the destination country. The website will guide you:



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