December 5, 2023
Seoul National University Scholarship 2023-2024 For International Students

Seoul National University Scholarship 2023-2024 For International Students

Seoul National University Scholarship 2023-2024 For International Students

Seoul National University (SNU) is a prestigious institution and one of the top universities in South Korea. They are currently accepting applications for the Seoul National University Scholarship for the academic year 2023-2024. This scholarship is available to international students who wish to pursue Bachelors, Masters, or PhD degrees in South Korea. It is a fully funded scholarship opportunity, which means that successful candidates will receive full financial support.

One of the notable features of this scholarship is that, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is no requirement for IELTS or TOEFL scores. Both male and female students from all over the world are encouraged to apply. The scholarship covers a wide range of academic fields, allowing applicants to choose the area they are interested in pursuing in the future. While IELTS or TOEFL scores are not mandatory, applicants are expected to demonstrate English proficiency through an English proficiency certificate.

SNU is ranked 9th in Asia and 60th internationally, making it one of the top universities in Asia and the world. It consists of 15 colleges offering various academic programs.

 SNU Scholarship Details:

Country: South Korea

Host University: Seoul National University

Eligible Countries: International Students

Gender: Males, Females

Available Programs: Ph.D., Masters, MPhil, MS, Bachelors

Financial Coverage: Fully Funded

Financial Benefits:

The scholarship offers the following financial benefits to successful candidates:

  • Full coverage of accommodation costs
  • Stipend for a duration of two years
  • Stipend includes food and miscellaneous expenses
  • Tuition fee coverage at SNU

Programs Offered at Seoul National University:

SNU offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across its 15 colleges. Some of the colleges and departments include:

Seoul National University provides a range of undergraduate and graduate programs across its various colleges.

Below are the lists of these programs:

Here are the academic departments offered by Seoul National University’s College of Humanities:

  • Department of Korean Language and Literature
  • Department of Chinese Language and Literature
  • Department of English Language and Literature
  • Department of French Language and Literature
  • Department of German Language and Literature
  • Department of Russian Language and Literature
  • Department of Hispanic Language and Literature
  • Department of Linguistics
  • Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations
  • Department of Korean History
  • Department of Asian History
  • Department of Western History
  • Department of Archaeology and Art History
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Religious Studies
  • Department of Aesthetics

In the College of Social Sciences, the following departments are available:

  • Department of Political Science and International Relations
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Anthropology
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Geography
  • Department of Social Welfare
  • Department of Communication

The College of Natural Sciences offers the following departments:

  • Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Biological Sciences
  • Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

For students interested in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, the available departments are:

  • Department of Plant Science
  • Department of Food and Animal Biotechnology
  • Department of Biosystems & Biomaterials Science and Engineering
  • Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
  • Department of Forest Sciences
  • Department of Applied Biology and Chemistry
  • Department of Landscape Architecture and Rural System Engineering

In the College of Business Administration, there is the Department of Business Administration.

The College of Education offers various departments, including:

  • Department of Education
  • Department of Korean Language Education
  • Department of English Education
  • Department of German Language Education
  • Department of French Language Education
  • Department of Social Studies Education
  • Department of History Education
  • Department of Geography Education
  • Department of Ethics Education
  • Department of Mathematics Education
  • Department of Physics Education
  • Department of Chemistry Education
  • Department of Biology Education
  • Department of Earth Science Education

The College of Engineering provides the following departments:

  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering
  • Department of Industrial Engineering
  • Department of Energy Resources Engineering
  • Department of Nuclear Engineering
  • Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
  • Department of Aerospace Engineering
  • Chemical Convergence for Energy and Environment
  • Multiscale Mechanical Design
  • Hybrid Materials

For those interested in the College of Fine Arts, the available departments are:

  •  Department of Oriental Painting
  •  Department of Sculpture
  •  Department of Painting
  •  Department of Crafts and Design

The College of Liberal Studies , offers the Department of Liberal Studies.

In the College of Human Ecology, there is the Division of Consumer and Child Studies and the Department of Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design.

For aspiring medical professionals, the College of Medicine offers the Department of Preliminary Medicine, the Department of Medicine, Dental Science, and Veterinary Medicine.

The College of Music provides the following departments:

  •  Department of Vocal Music
  •  Department of Instrumental Music
  •  Department of Composition
  •  Department of Korean Music

The College of Nursing offers the Department of Nursing.

In the College of Pharmacy, there are the Department of Pharmacy and the Department of Manufacturing Pharmacy.

the College of Veterinary Medicine provides the Department of Preliminary Veterinary Medicine and the Department of Veterinary Medicine.

Application Deadline:

The application period for Seoul National University for the fall 2022-2023 admissions is from July 3, 2023, to July 7, 2023, at 17:00 PM local time.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the Seoul National University Scholarship program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Neither the applicant nor their parents should be citizens of Korea.
  • Applicants must provide an English Proficiency certificate.
  • For Ph.D. applicants, a master’s degree is required.
  • For Master’s program applicants, a bachelor’s degree is required.

Required Documents:

Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Two recommendation letters from different references.
  • Study plan and personal statement.
  • Transcript and certificate of master’s degree (for Ph.D. applicants) or graduation degree (for Master’s applicants).
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport.
  • Official document of the applicant’s citizenship.
  • Copy of the parent’s passport.
  • Official document of the parent’s nationality.
  • Relationship-building document between parents and the applicant.

How to Apply:

  • To apply for the SNU Scholarship online, applicants must adhere to the prescribed application procedure.
  • It is necessary for applicants to obtain approval from professors at the university, confirming that the institute will provide financial assistance.
  • Rather than requiring an acceptance letter, applicants need to send an email expressing their agreement to financially support the applicant through means such as a stipend and tuition fee waiver. It is important for the applicant to maintain communication and provide updates to the professor while applying for the SNU Korean Scholarship.
  • If a professor is not willing to provide financial support, it is advisable not to proceed with the application. It is crucial to remember that the first impression is often lasting, so crafting a well-written email is essential to gain the professor’s approval. Always highlight the reasons for applying and how it will benefit the institute in the respective field. Additionally, researching the professor’s profile and aligning the application accordingly will increase the chances of receiving a positive response.

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