April 23, 2024
Skill Shortage Jobs in Denmark 2023 With Danish Work VISA
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Skill Shortage Jobs in Denmark 2023 With Danish Work VISA

Skill Shortage Jobs in Denmark 2023 With Danish Work VISA

This month I bring you some good news about job postings in Denmark 2023. New vacancies will be posted on July 1, 2023, now is the time for anyone looking for jobs around the world to focus and be ready at the best time to apply. Documents required for a job in Denmark and a work visa in July.


Why should you consider working in Denmark in 2023?


I have many reasons to convince you and will also encourage you to develop your resume to the next level so that you can stand out from other job seekers and get a job in Denmark, I will say that Denmark ranks 19th on the list of countries with the most millionaires (see Wikipedia – 385,000 in Denmark) millionaires).


So based on these statistics we can understand how much money Danish citizens have and how good their economy is, you can easily find a job and stay there, I must also say that the salary in Denmark is quite good. . almost on the high side (see dst.dk).

It is worth noting that healthcare in Denmark is not free and is provided by the Danish healthcare system, which makes money from the taxes paid by Danish citizens (Ref borger). . In the Danish folkeskole (Ref Denmark.dk).


As a full-time international worker in Denmark, you and your family are also entitled to these services, salary and other benefits, and job security, so I advise job seekers to consider applying for a job in Denmark. .


Danish List Skills Shortage – Positive List 2023


 You may wonder what you mean by “Positive List”, this time Denmark’s skills shortage list, so if Denmark can’t find a specialist for a particular job then this job is for skilled workers worldwide seems to be in a good list with a business record, this Danish quality list is updated twice a year, while the last update of the list will be in July 2023 with new operators (Ref nyidanmark)


How to find and apply for a skilled job in Denmark?


Now it’s easy, the process is completely online, so all you have to do is check two job postings published by the Danish government to recruit foreign countries in 2023 to find the latest jobs:


  • Skills for International Shortage Positive
  • Skills for Foreign Negative Positive List

Top I Also please note that this Danish list was last updated with 40 new jobs in January 2023 and will be available soon early next month (July 2023, 2019). updated with new job postings and you can submit your CV, cover letter, CV and job application online (Ref Positive List).


Therefore, by checking the Danish Good Job Registration page above, you will be able to find a new job suitable for you in July 2023 and if you feel your qualifications and experience do the same job as those listed on the good list, you can. then submit your online application directly.

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