February 26, 2024
Types of US Non Immigrant Work Visas in 2023 (Work in US)
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Types of US Non Immigrant Work Visas in 2023 (Work in US)

Types of US Non Immigrant Work Visas in 2023 (Work in US)

Many non-US Citizens need to come to the United States for work. The United States features a good history of tolerating Outside specialists to work within the country. To Apply for the US brief Work Visa one ought to know almost the sorts of US Non Worker Work Visas in 2023, their necessities, and qualification criteria. The US Work Visa was allowed on the premise of the Meet. Everybody should physically come to the International safe haven for Interview.


The United States has long acknowledged hundreds of thousands of remote specialists each year. Around 550,000 visas were allowed in 2021, 846,000 in 2019. The H1B, H2A, H2B, and H4 visas are the foremost common US temporary work visas for outside laborers. Outside candidates can apply for Seasonal Employments as well as nonseasonal Employments. In the event that you’ve got the proper combination of abilities, instruction, and/or work encounter at that point don’t wait. Apply.

Types of US Non Foreigner Work Visas in 2023

Job Country: United States

Visa Type: Non-Immigrant Brief Work Visa

Who can Apply: Anybody from any country


Number of USA Transitory Work Visa issued within the Past


In 2021, the United States issued about 470,000 visas for the H1B, H2A, H2B, and H4 programs, and 616,000 were issued in 2019.

The exact numbers are unknown.


What are the biggest outside laborer visa programs?


The H1B, H2A, H2B, and H4 are the foremost common US transitory work visas for nonimmigrants. Their victory rate is high compared to other US Work visas.


Many companies within the USA offer H1B, H2A, H2B, and H4 Visa Sponsorship

Occupations as well. Studied our article on Companies within the USA that Support H1B Visa Employments in 2023


Categories of US Brief Work Visa 2023


To work within the United States, you’ll have these options.


  • H-1B
  • H-1B1
  • H-2A
  • H-2B
  • H-3
  • L
  • O
  • P-1
  • P-2
  • P-3
  • Q-1

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Now let’s examine the reason of these visas that which visa is required for what purpose.


1# H-1B Work Visa


H-1B Work visa is the foremost common and well known sort of US Work Visa for temporary remote specialists. On this Visa, you’ll be able work in a forte occupation.


Like in case you’ve got completed your instruction and degree and you’re seeking out for a Work within the United States in any company, at that point you would like to apply for H-1B Work Visa.


Visa Length: Three A long time, and it can be renewable.

No. of Visas: 85,000/Year

Issued in 2021: 61,569

2# H-1B1 Work Visa


The H-1B1 Work Visa permits utilizing of foreign workers from Chile and Singapore with a better instruction capability. This Visa is the same as the H-1B Work visa, but as it were for Chile and Singapore.


3# H-2A Work Visa (Transitory Horticulture Worker)


The H-2A Work Visa could be a Brief farming Visa that permits Bosses to contract outside nationals within the Farming Areas. Such as Natural product Picking, Cultivate Employments, and Dairy Ranches. Candidates from all nations can apply.

US Cultivating Occupations are the foremost in-demand Jobs.


Visa Length: One year most extreme; qualified for recharging up to three continuous years

No. of Visas: No Limit

Issued in 2021: 257,898

4# H-2B Work Visa (Seasonal workers other than agriculture)


The H-2B is another well known Seasonal work Visa in USA. This Visa can be utilized for seasonal as well as non-agriculture work. In the event that you’ve got listened around Truck Driver Occupations, at that point H-2B is the Visa that applies.


Visa Term: One year greatest; qualified for recharging up to three continuous years

No. of Visas: 66,000/year

Issued in 2021: 95,053


Eligible Countries for H-2B Work Visa:

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Source: https://www.uscis.gov/


5# H-3 Work Visa


This Visa permits people to get Learner or Uncommon Instruction other than Therapeutic from the United States. Such as individuals go for Giving Exams on the off chance that that exam isn’t available in their domestic country.


  • Visa Term: the learner may be permitted to stay within the United States for up to 2 years.
  • Trainees

Any field counting but not restricted to:


  • Agriculture
  • Commerce
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Transportation
  • Other Professions


6# L Visa


Suppose you working in an universal company in any nation. And your company is happy with you and they need to advance and exchange you to one of its workplaces within the United States. At that point the company will apply for the L Visa on your behalf.


Stay Length: Three a long time, renewable to 2 a long time, or greatest remain 7 years.


7# O Visa


The US O1 visa is for one who possesses uncommon capacity within the sciences, expressions, instruction, commerce, or sports, or who encompasses a illustrated record of exceptional accomplishment within the movement picture or tv industry and has been recognized broadly or globally for those achievements.


Stay Length: Up to three a long time, and can be expanded for 1 year.

The O nonimmigrant classification is

commonly alluded to as:


  • O-1A
  • O-1B
  • O-2
  • O-3


8# P-1A (For Athlete)


If you’re coming briefly to the United States exclusively for the reason of performing at a particular athletic competition.


9# P-1B Work Visa


If you’re coming incidentally to the United States exclusively for the purpose of engaging individuals. On the off chance that you’re coming to the United States incidentally to perform as a part of an excitement group.


10# R-1 Visa


This Visa permits people Priests and non-ministers in devout employments and occupations may come to the U.S. incidentally for the reason of performing devout work.


11# TN Visa


This Visa is as it were for Mexico and Canada.


Useful Connect: On the off chance that you need to see point by point qualification criteria, required capabilities, and application handle for the particular work visa at that point do visit https://www.uscis.gov/working-in-the-united-states/temporary-nonimmigrant-workers


How Does the US Transitory Work Visa Prepare Works?


Now on the off chance that you have got Thought approximately US Brief Work Visas, and you’ve got a Work offer letter from the US Boss at that point the taking after prepare will work:


Note: Not All Visas Require a Work Offer from the United States.


Labor Certification (Done by the Employer)


Some US temporary work visas required a Labor certification. The Work certification frame will be filled and connected by the company/employer within the United States who advertised your a Work on your sake some time recently recording the Appeal for a Nonimmigrant Specialist, Shape I-129, with USCIS.


Petition Endorsement (Done by the Employer)


Some brief specialist categories are restricted within the add up to number of petitions which can be endorsed on a annually premise like H-1B Visa, and H2-B.


Before you apply for a Transitory Work Visa at the US Department, a Appeal for a Nonimmigrant Laborer, Frame I-129, must be recorded on your sake by a imminent boss and affirmed by USCIS.


How to Apply for US Brief Work Visa in 2023?


You have to be apply Online from your domestic and select the arrangement. After USCIS approves the Appeal for a Nonimmigrant Specialist (Frame I-129), you will apply for a visa


  • Complete The Online Visa Application (Filled by the candidate), Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Shape DS-160
  • Pay the Visa Application Fee
  • Select the Arrangement Date and time

Visa Fetched for US Brief Work Visa

  • $190

Some Valuable Joins for Sorts of US Non Migrant Work Visas in 2023:


For Visa Application Prepare: 


For All US Visa Points of interest and Data:


Number of transitory work visas issued by the United States in later years


Year: Number of Visas issued: Visa Category: No of Visas issued:

 2021           470,000                                        H-1B visas                            293,000

 2020           387,000                                        L-1 visa                                 132,000

 2019           616,000                                        H-2A visa                              65,000

 2018           582,000                                        H-2B visa                              32,000

 2017           583,000

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