December 3, 2023
US H1B Sponsorship Companies 2023

US H1B Sponsorship Companies 2023

US H1B Sponsorship Companies 2023

The USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) allows employers in the United States to temporarily employ foreign workers in various occupations. For those seeking US H1B Visa Sponsorship, the USCIS provides valuable resources to simplify the process. The USCIS launched the H-1B Employer Data Hub, a platform that offers information on employers petitioning for H-1B workers. This data hub has been instrumental in showcasing a substantial number of sponsorships provided by US companies in 2022, making it an opportune time to apply for US Visa sponsorship jobs with the right US company.

List of US H1B Sponsorship Companies 2023:

The US H1B Visa Sponsorship Companies list for 2023 features a diverse range of industries, offering ample job opportunities for foreign workers. Among the leading sponsors are Amazon, with over 8,000 work visas sponsored in 2022, and Google with 7,000 sponsorships. The industries that are actively hiring H1B workers include Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Mining, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing, Wholesale Trade, Retail Trade, Transportation, Information, Finance and Insurance, Real Estate, Management, Educational Services, Healthcare, Arts, Entertainment, and many more.

Top H1B US Sponsorship Companies:

The top H1B US Sponsorship Companies include renowned names such as Amazon, Ernst & Young, Google, Cognizant, Tata Consultancy, Microsoft, Intel, Infosys, Amazon Web, and Qualcomm. These companies present excellent prospects for foreign workers seeking H1B Visa Sponsorship in the United States.

Top Sponsorships by Profession:

H1B Jobs are available in various professions, with high demand for Software Engineering, Software Development, Senior Software roles, Managers, Assistant Professors, Architects, Associates, and Analysts.

US H1B Employer Datahub List 2023:

For detailed information on US Employers and their H1B sponsorships, the US H1B Employer Datahub List 2023 is a valuable resource. It allows you to search by name, city, and employer’s name, providing insights into the number of work visas approved in the Fiscal year 2022.

Final Words:

If you are fortunate enough to secure a job offer from a US H1B Sponsorship Company, the next crucial step is to apply for the appropriate US Temporary work Visa. The H1B Work Visa allows employees to stay in the USA for up to 6 years, offering ample time for professional growth and experience in the United States.

To learn more about the US H1B Visa Process 2023 and how to navigate through the application process, refer to our detailed article. Make the most of this opportunity, and start your search for US H1B Visa Sponsorship Jobs with confidence.

For a comprehensive list of US H1B Visa Sponsorship Companies for 2023, click the link below:


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